About HeARTS Found

"Healing Through the Arts"

Everyone has a story. We all have had painful experiences in our lives. 

HeARTS Found is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, offering emotional support and encouraging healing through creative expression for individuals suffering with PTSD, abuse issues, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and stress in a safe, peaceful and loving environment. 

Art & Music has been proven scientifically to be a powerful tool for healing.




Abused Women & Children

Domestic & sexual violence leave deep wounds. Creative expression is scientifically proven to help heal emotional trauma. Our Art Programs are designed to allow our clients an alternative to words for self expression and healing.



PTSD is very real. Veteran suicide and homelessness are tragedies that can be turned around. Planting and cultivating a garden is a very healing process. It is  scientifically proven that gardening is especially successful for individuals suffering from PTSD, depression and other mental issues. As our garden grows, participants get to eat what they grow which has powerful physical health benefits. Our Culinary program offers skilled certification for gainful employment.


Brain Trauma

Brain damage can affect memory, movement and language abilities, having a significant impact on quality of life. Music therapy can stimulate brain function controlling movement, cognition, speech, emotions and the senses. Music is also proven to reduce anxiety and relive depression. Studies have found Individuals suffering with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and stroke victims are responding positively with this type of therapy.

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Articles on Art & Healing:

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